BI Senter for Helseledelse, ved Thomas Hoholm og Werner Christie, inviterer til workshop med professor David Sloan Wilson, "Arne Næss Chair 2015", om samarbeid i helsevesenet. BIs Prof. Øystein Fjeldstad og BI professor Jan Ketil Arnulf vil også gi presentasjoner.


Dear all:

BI Center for Healthcare Management, coordinated by Thomas Hoholm and Werner Christie, cordially invites you to a workshop with Prof. David Sloan Wilson, “ Arne Næss Chair 2015”,  on collaboration in health care. BI’s Prof. Øystein Fjeldstad and BI Prof. Jan Ketil Arnulf will also give presentations.

The workshop will take place Wednesday October 14th  09:00 -12:00 at BI, Nydalen.


Meeting room: C2-045

Prof. David Sloan Wilson, Binghamton Univ, NY is an internationally renowned evolutionary biologist, with a special interest for social species and what drives their cooperation. He is currently studying cooperative aspects of the Norwegian society from this perspective.  . In this workshop he will focus on how better collaboration can contribute to healthcare, and how it can be evolved and maintained.

Prof. Øystein Fjeldstad, BI, is internationally well known for the contrasting organizational concepts  of workshops, value chains and networks and how they can be used to understand value creation in modern societies. He has inspired healthcare research in the US and is involved in various healthcare projects there.



Prof. Jan Ketil Arnulf, BI, have studied, published and lectured extensively on leadership, and will teach this subject in BI’s “National Leadership Program For Primary Health Care” sponsored by the directorate of Health.


08:30   Arrival and registration
09:00 Thomas Hoholm Welcome. BI center for Health Management and related research activities.
09:15 Werner Christie BI’s “National Leadership Program for Primary Health Care”
09:30 David Sloan Wilson Evolving collaboration in health care. Dialogue.
10:30 Øystein Fjeldstad Network organization in health care. Dialogue.
11:15 Jan Ketil Arnulf Health Management, collaboration and networks.
12:00   END. Lunch available on the premises.