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Uttalelse fra The European Public Health Association, Folkehelseforeningen sin Europeiske hovedorganisasjon. Alle som er medlemmer i Folkehelseforeningen, er også medlemmer i EUPHA.

EUPHA strongly endorses the landmark report by the European Regional Office of WHO setting out the need for concerted action against those industries that are driving an epidemic of some of the leading causes of disability and premature death in Europe and commits to working with WHO to take this agenda forward. Health services across the WHO European Region are working harder than ever, picking up the pieces left by failures in other areas. Today, 90% of deaths in the Region are due to what we call non-communicable diseases, like cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes.

We have the knowledge we need to prevent many of these deaths and the associated disability but to do so we need to tackle the fundamental causes. This means taking on the manufacturers of four major commercial products:

  • alcohol
  • tobacco
  • processed food and beverages
  • fossil fuels – their front organisations, advertisers, and others that promote them, and the politicians they pay to lobby on their behalf.

As a scientific association, EUPHA calls on the European research community to recognise the tactics employed by these industries, to manipulate and distort evidence as they seek to delay or block the necessary regulatory actions.

As a civil society organisation, EUPHA stresses the importance of civil society in tackling the commercial determinants of health, challenging the individualistic narratives promoted by these manufacturers that keep blaming the individuals for the diseases they suffer from, while advocating for upstream public health policies that work, in the areas of price, marketing, and access to harmful products.

We hope that this important report will be read widely and acted upon. Europe’s future depends on having a healthy population, whether to promote economic growth, to alleviate pressure on our health systems, or simply because we care for each other. A failure by our politicians to act on the wealth of evidence it has assembled would be inexcusable.
Foron the wealth of evidence it has assembled would be inexcusable.

For more information, please contact Charlotte Marchandise, Executive Director at .

The European Public Health Association (EUPHA) is the umbrella organisation for public health associations and institutes in Europe. EUPHA has 83 members from 47 countries. Our network brings together over 32,000 public health professionals. Our mission is to facilitate and activate a strong voice of the public health network by enhancing visibility of the evidence and by strengthening the capacity of public health professionals. EUPHA contributes to the preservation and improvement of public health in the European region through capacity and knowledge building. We are committed to creating a more inclusive Europe, narrowing all health inequalities among Europeans, by facilitating, activating, and disseminating strong evidence-based voices from the public health community and by strengthening the capacity of public health professionals to achieve evidence-based change. EUPHA does not accept sponsorship from the alcohol, tobacco, processed food and beverages, or fossil fuel industries.

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