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Share your knowledge at the Public Health Conference 2023 in Tromsø, Norway 21.-22. sept. 2023!

Professionals and individuals from the reserarch community, the governmental and non-governmetal sectors including privat and voluntary organisations are invited to share public health research results, experiences, new knowledge at the Public Health Conference 21 – 22 September 2023 in Tromsø.

You can now submit abstracts with research results, projedt/practice experiences or innovative measures that can be communicated to the participants at the conference.

Important dates:

Deadline for abstracts submission, 15 February 2023 at 24.00 hrs.

Feedback on abstracts approval, 15 March 2023.

Final program and launch of registration portal for the conference, 1 April 2022.

Thematic areas for the Public Health Conference 2023

The conference will bring six themes into focus, each of them divided into three sub-themes. You have to choose one of the sub-themes relevant to your abstract when you are submitting it. This will facilitate the revision process of your abstract.

Theme 1: Lifelong public health perspective for youth and elderly

a.  Community and Social exclusion

b. Sexual health

c. Good mental and physical health throughout life

Theme 2: Occupational health

a. Employers’ responsibility for public health

b. How do we prepare for future occupational health?

c. Inclusion and diversity in the working market

Theme 3: Climate

a. Public health perspective and the climate crisis

b. Climate change resilience

c. Future food production

Theme 4: Quality of life, diversity, and inclusion

a. Kindergarten/school

b. Leisure and culture

c. Participatory approach, user’s involvement, co creation

Theme 5: Sami living conditions and diversity

a. Factors that promote and inhibit public health

b. Identity, belonging, and culture

c. Children, youth and the future

Theme 6: Independent themes

a. Obesity – a worldwide pandemic

b. Quality of life – budgeting and finances

c. Public health emergency preparedness

Theme 7: Other themes within public health work, including methods for collaboration across sectors

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Template abstract research project

Template abstract project and practice experiences

Alle løfter alle – et raust og robust samfunn

Assessment and presentation

All submitted abstracts are assessed by a separate committee consisting of researchers and practitioners. The approved abstracts will form the basis for designing the conference programme, both presentations in parallel sessions and posters.

By submitting your abstract, you accept and confirm that:

  • All approved abstracts will be published on the conference website. Abstracts written in English will also published in a supplement to the Scandinavian Journal of Public Health.
  • You will contribute to the conference either orally or with a poster. You register yourself for the conference (no later than 1 August 2023) and pay for travel and accommodation.

Guidelines for writing the abstract

When you submit the abstract, tick whether you want it to be presented orally or as a poster. Also tick where your abstract belongs: A1, C2 etc.

You are responsible for obtaining approval from any co-authors and for any typographical errors in the text. The abstracts will not be edited.

All abstracts have a limit of 2,800 characters. 200 characters (including spaces) of main message or implications for prevention measures. This does not include the title and information about authors

It is possible to present in another Scandinavian language or in English.

The two main groups are structured as follows:

a) Research results: background, method, results, conclusions and main message or implications for prevention methods.

b) Practical experiences: Background, description of the project, results, what we have learned, and main message or implications for prevention measures.

Download template for research abstract: Template abstract research project

Download template for project/practice experiences:Template abstract project and practice experiences

Register your abstract here

Best abstract award

Submitted abstracts are assessed by an expert committee. The best in the two main groups will be announced at the conference and awarded a diploma and NOK 5,000.

Do you want more information?

Send an email to and we will reply as soon as possible.

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